How to sell to your painting to Burlington

The first step... to email or send us clear photographs of the painting itself, the reverse of the canvas and a close-up of the signature as well as any labels or inscriptions. If you know where the painting came from originally that might help us to assess it. We also need the dimensions of the canvas, but not the frame. If a painting appears to be a work that we would like to buy, we will either visit you in person, or advise on the best way to have it sent to London. Final agreement to purchase will always be subject to personal inspection. Evidence of your ownership of the work will also be required, for example original purchase receipts or probate documents. If the ownership is shared then written permission is required from all parties.

Burlington – New Gallery


After the decision of Burlington Paintings Ltd. to withdraw from the art trade, former Managing Director Angela Hardy, continues in business. A new gallery is currently being prepared in Central London and will open in Spring 2015. The new gallery will deal in fine 19th and early 20th century British and European art with a […]